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What’s the right way to have a submarine sandwich? what does subway say



How do you hold a big sandwich? Have you ever managed to achieve all this without greasing your hands? Well, for those of you still struggling to fix this, you must check out this post by YouTuber Ranboo. He recently highlighted the issue of catching submarine sandwiches in a Twitter post. The blogger shared an image of herself holding a large submarine sandwich, commonly known as a “sub”, with both hands. The hilarious post went viral in no time, garnering over 180k likes and thousands of comments. Take a look and see for yourself:

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Reacting to the picture, several users said that he was holding it “like a gun” or “like a child”. But Rainboo said he was “not wrong here” and asked how else he should hold a foot-long sandwich. As the conversation got a bit interesting, fast-food restaurant franchise Subway also joined in.

SubwayUK said, “Just yelling here… that’s exactly how you catch a sub.”

A Twitter user then thanked Subway for confirming how its Subway should be organized.

Earlier, Rainbu also answered the question as to why he did not get a bag from the restaurant to hold his sandwich. “They didn’t have bags”, the content creator said.

Another shared a screenshot of two comments that said Ranbu was holding the sandwich “like a child” and “like a gun”.

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Despite Subway saying that ranbu was a good way to have a big sandwich, that debate is unlikely to be settled yet. If all this crap about submarine sandwiches has you hungry, here’s how you can make the delicious treat at home and sprinkle a variety of ingredients on your hands. You’ll need a type of bread called an Italian roll, but if that isn’t available, use any cylindrical loaf. A foot long or sub is usually filled with various meats, cheeses, vegetables and spices. Check out this full recipe here.

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