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Who’s waiting? Viral video of snake cake created panic on the internet



If there’s one thing we all love with all our hearts, it’s cake! Years of culinary experiments have not only given us new and delicious cake flavours, but have also made cakes a piece of art. Bakers around the world have taken up the challenge of turning almost anything into a cake. We find it so amusing that we have TV shows like Nailed It, Cake Boss and Baking Impossible that work on the plot of baking the most interesting and creative desserts! Our love for baking helped us find a mind-blowing video that stunned us and we are sure it will amaze you too. The trend of turning cakes into real-life objects was taken to another level by chef Natalie Sidesurf. Here’s the video:

American chef Natalie Sidesurf posted this video to her Instagram account @sideserfcakes. The clip featured a banana python, but seconds later she bites the snake and pretends that the snake is actually a cake! The moment of realization that the snake is a realistic cake blows the mind of the internet. If he had not cut the cake in half, no one would have realized that it was not a real snake, how realistic the “snake cake” looks. This viral video has been viewed over 1.5 million times and has 117k likes! Natalie Sidesurf is known for creating such realistic cakes, she has even managed to make the cake look like a hairy, used brush! Take a look for yourself:

The internet is definitely divided about her opinion on these realistic cakes. Some consider it an artistic marvel, while others reject the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning cakes into real objects. what do you think? Would you be interested in biting the ‘snake cake’ or would you be too afraid to bite? Tell us how you feel in the comment section below!


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