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Woman bought lunch for stranger, what she did in return will surprise you



There is so much variety of video content available on social media. From cooking videos to DIY hacks, you can have everything at your fingertips with the touch of a button. But there is one kind of material that somehow manages to arouse emotions within us, that are random acts of kindness. We often come across these incredibly generous gestures by citizens that inspire us to do and give more. Recently, a video surfaced on Twitter which showed one such awe-inspiring act of kindness. A woman offered to buy lunch for a stranger, and what she did in return will surprise you. Have a look:

The video was shared on Twitter by the user @chris_notcapn, and was originally shot by Los Angeles influencer Isaiah Garza. The clip has garnered 357k views and 12.2k likes since being shared.

In the 43-second clip, we can see a woman buying groceries. Isaiah says in voiceover that he forgot his wallet at home and requests him to buy a ‘lunchable’. She quickly agreed, much to the man’s surprise. The woman herself was surprised when she said, “I have to tell you something. All your groceries are free today. We’re buying all your groceries! The fact that you offered to buy me lunch is too much.” We’re kind, we’re doing something where we’re buying people’s groceries today.” The woman was astonished as to how her kindness led to her entire grocery order being absolutely free. “So you get paid for what you want, whatever you want,” he said.

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After agreeing to buy lunch, the woman got all her groceries for free.

Hearing this, the woman’s tears welled up. According to the video, she had recently lost her mother and she was emotionally upset. When she went out they even surprised her with flowers, to which she said, “This is crazy!”

Twitter users were touched to see how a simple act like this can win someone over and make their day. Many of them appreciate a random act of kindness and how such a small gesture like buying someone’s lunch can be rewarded in such a big way.

Take a look at some of the responses:

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