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World Vegetarian Day 2021: 7 Evergreen Vegetarian Curries You Must Try



World Vegetarian Day 2021: Indians and their love for vegetarian curries need no introduction. Being the land of delicious curries, India boasts of some of the most delicious vegetarian curries in the world. Our daily diet includes eating at least one vegetarian curry every day. While we are familiar with vegetarianism, this diet has started making a stir in the world again. More and more people have taken the cautious step of adopting vegetarianism to lead a healthy and eco-friendly life. So on this World Vegetarian Day, we have come up with some evergreen vegetarian curries that we cannot live without.

World Vegetarian Day is celebrated every year on 1 October to promote vegetarianism.

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World Vegetarian Day 2021: Here are 7 evergreen vegetarian curries that you must try:

1. Shahi Paneer

A classic party dish, Shahi Paneer is true to its name. Soft cubes of paneer are bathed in creamy and delicious tomato curry, making paneer creamy and delicious. Shahi Paneer is one of the most popular vegetarian curries.

Click here for the complete recipe for Shahi Paneer.

These chickpeas can be eaten with bhature.

2. Pindi Chole

Pindi Chole or Pindi Chane is a Punjabi recipe in which white chickpeas are cooked in a pool of indigenous spices. You can pair them with rice or roti of your choice, and it’s a delight every time.

Click here for the complete Pindi Chole recipe.

3. Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is one evergreen dish that we can’t get enough of. The goodness of freshly smashed and pureed spinach leaves combined with the soft and spongy paneer cubes and the best choice of spices make for a truly decadent dish.

Click here for the complete Palak Paneer recipe.

4. Aloo Peas

This delicious gravy is very easy to make and gets ready in 30 minutes. Another classic Indian curry, Aloo Matar is the food that every household enjoys for lunch and dinner.

Click here for the complete Palak Paneer recipe.


Mix kadhai paneer with roomali roti.

5. Kadhai Paneer

Who doesn’t love Kadhai Paneer?! This quintessential paneer curry is a specialty that can be found in every restaurant menu. Paneer dish prepared in spicy and spicy curry looks very delicious!

Click here for the full recipe for Kadai Paneer.

6. Potato Cabbage

Aloo gobi is a quintessential everyday vegetable that is always found on the dinner table in our homes, making it a family favorite. Aloo gobhi is a delicious combination of spices to make a spicy curry with potatoes and cauliflower.

Click here for the full Aloo Gobi recipe.

7. Malai Kofta

Another classic party food, Malai Kofta is a rich and creamy curry that is packed with flavour. The koftas in this curry are made with a mixture of potatoes and paneer, which makes it unique and delicious. Malai koftas taste best with tandoori roti or butter naan.

Click here for the full recipe for Malai Kofta.

If you have tried any or all of these recipes, do let us know in the comments section!


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