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You can’t keep mac and cheese away from Gal Gadot; here is the proof



There will hardly be a foodie who can resist the temptation of a good bowl of mac and cheese. This classic pasta dish has won the hearts of the whole world. Now actress Gal Gadot is also adopting it. amazing lady The famous actress is easily adding this pasta bowl to her work schedule. In the video she shared on Instagram, she is seen busy during the make-up session. Where Gal Gadot sits in her dressing robe, she talks to her makeup artists about mac and cheese. Soon, the camera goes off and we see the actress having a spoonful of paneer pasta. Gal Gadot captioned the video, “Yum yum. All goodels. Juggling lunch and glam is easier than ever.”

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Mac and cheese is one of Gal Gadot’s favorites. how do we know? He had shared a recipe for this mouth-watering delight with his Instagram family. For this, he first boiled a packet of mac and cheese in water. After filtering, she cooked the macaroni with a dollop of butter. The actress also added some spices and a good amount of paneer sauce. After the cooking part was over, she simply took the dish in a bowl and scooped a spoonful of gooey mac and cheese into her mouth. And, his gestures were enough. what do you think

Well, it’s not just mac and cheese that made the cut on Gal Gadot’s binge-eating list. We would like you to take a look at her favorite dessert. you ask what? It was a bowl of ice cream. She wrote, “Happy ice cream day to my favorite dessert, which is always there for me, makes me smile and show me sweet love.”

We hope to see more highlights from her food diary in future too.