3,780 COVID-19 deaths in India, highest in 24 hours, 3.82 lakh daily cases

New Delhi:
In the last 24 hours, Kovid has killed 3,780 people in India, the highest ever in a single day, bringing the total fatalities to 2,26,188. Indias Kovid Caselad hit 2.06 crore with more than 3.82 lakh cases as the healthcare system continues to be in crisis.

  1. Even as many quarters called for a nationwide shutdown to curb the epidemic in the country, large parts of India are already subject to similar strict restrictions for varying periods.

  2. In Maharashtra – which has been the most affected state since last year – the total caseloid exceeded 48.22 lakh in 51,880 new cases. 891 people died due to COVID-19 in the state.

  3. In terms of total caseload, Maharashtra is followed by Kerala, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Delhi.

  4. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, now has over three lakh Kovid cases active. Surge gas gave rise to increasing demand for hospital beds and oxygen in the city. Karnataka has added 44,631 new cases to the latest figures, which is more than 16.9 lakhs to the state’s overall caseload.

  5. In neighboring Kerala, 37,190 tested positive for the virus on Tuesday and 57 Kovid patients died. There are severe lockout-like restrictions in the state from Tuesday to May 9.

  6. Assam saw the highest number of Kovid deaths on Tuesday, with 41 patients dead. 4,475 people tested positive on the same day.

  7. India ranks second in the United States in total cases reported since the onset of the epidemic.

  8. The government on Tuesday pursued rules to test Kovid to cut pressure on laboratories. RT-PCR testing should not be repeated in a person who has once tested positive by RAT or RT-PCR and does not require testing for patients recovered at the time of hospital discharge, as well as for a “healthy” inter-state Is passengers, according to the new rules.

  9. The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday found that the death of Kovid’s patients in the absence of oxygen supply to hospitals is a criminal act, with “no less than a massacre by the authorities” tasked to ensure that oxygen supply chains are built Be kept. The court made the remarks after reports of death of coronovirus patients due to lack of oxygen in Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow and Meerut.

  10. In an unprecedented move, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been suspended indefinitely and players have been sent home after several Kovid cases inside the bio bubble.



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