5 things PM Narendra Modi asked states to do to handle the latest Kovid

PM Narendra Modi held a meeting with the states to discuss the surge in coronovirus cases.

new Delhi:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday discussed the alarming increase in coronovirus infections across the country with chief ministers, listing the measures he needed to take on the “war footing”.

PM Modi has done five big things here to deal with the increasing COVID-19 cases from the states:

  1. Our emphasis should be on the micro-contribution zone, the night curfew. The night curfew, promoted as a Kovid curfew, will alert people that an epidemic is underway.

  2. Perform active testing; It is necessary to identify asymptomatic patients. Many asymptomatic people are infecting their entire families. Having RT-PCR for 70 percent of the tests and ensuring the samples are collected correctly.

  3. We have to bring the positivity rate below 5 percent and reduce the death rate. The death toll should be analyzed in detail and made available on every portal.

  4. We have to stop the wastage of vaccines and prioritize the shots that we are giving. We should organize a vaccination ceremony from 11 to 14 April, during which we should vaccinate eligible people as much as possible and target zero wastage.

  5. Take steps to address people who are getting too casual and fix sluggish administration. States should hold all-party meetings and involve governors. There should be a public awareness campaign.



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