Anil Ambani’s phone numbers in the list of potential Pegasus targets: Report

Anil Ambani and another Reliance ADG Group official’s number added to the list

New Delhi:

News portal “The Wire” has reported that the phone numbers of Reliance’s Anil Ambani were on the alleged list of potential targets for surveillance via Pegasus, the Israeli military grade spyware.

The numbers of Mr. Ambani and another Reliance ADG Group official were put on the list as the Rafale deal came under public scrutiny.

The opposition Congress had accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of negotiating a very high-priced deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets, only to help Mr Ambani win a hefty offset deal from Rafale maker Dassault.

The phone numbers of Dassault Aviation’s representative in India Venkata Rao Posina, former Saab India chief Inderjit Syal and Boeing India boss Pratyush Kumar were also on the list, “The Wire” reported.

The developer of Pegasus, the Israeli firm NSO – which claims it supplies its software only to “investigated” governments for the control of terrorism and crime – has claimed that the list of leaked numbers is “of Pegasus”. There is no list of goals or potential targets.



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