At the age of 67, Gujarat’s Vadodara woman Usha Lodaya fulfills her decades-old doctoral dream

Usha Lodaya has completed 2 years masters and 3 years doctoral course in Jainism.


While for many, age is a reminder of taking things slow, for 67-year-old Usha Lodaya, it inspired her to pursue her teenage dream of becoming a doctor.

Usha Lodaya, who dropped out of college at the age of 20, completed her doctorate in Jainism after resuming her education in the sixties.

The gritty Vadodara resident enrolled in a Jainism course at Shatrunjay Academy in Maharashtra, an organization set up to spread the knowledge of Jainism among members of the community.

On Sunday, the sexagenarian passed his oral examination on 12 ideas in the Jain tradition, to earn his doctorate.

Usha told PTI, “It has been my dream to become a doctor ever since I enrolled for a Bachelor of Science degree decades ago. However, I had to drop out of college when I was 20 years old due to early marriage. was forced to.”

Inspired by his guru Jaydarshitashreeji Maharaj, a Jainism scholar, Lodaya renewed his ambition and worked to make it a reality by enrolling for an online course in Jainism at a trust-run institute in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

“My decades-old dream was realized as I was inspired by my Guruji to join a three-year undergraduate course in Jainism that was started at Shatrunjay Academy,” she said.

Usha Lodaya completed a three-year degree course in Jainism, followed by a two-year masters and a three-year doctoral course.

A determined Usha said, “Since I belong to the Jain community, I plan to continue my pursuit of the religion and teach the community’s students, who come to me regularly.”

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