Bijnor Uttar Pradesh Kishore, returning from birthday party, jailed for alleged conversion

Bijnor: The boy is in jail after being accused of forcibly converting a Hindu girl.


Two teenagers who were going home from a friend’s birthday party in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, were ambushed, harassed and taken to a police station, described as a “love affair”. Jihad“Under a controversial new anti-conversion law.

The boy, a Muslim, has been in jail for over a week on charges of forcibly trying to convert a 16-year-old Hindu girl – charges denied by both the girl and her mother.

The teenager was arrested by police on 15 December on a complaint allegedly by the girl’s father, who claimed that he had used a false Hindu identity to elbow the girl and forced her to convert. Was trying

When a team of reporters met the girl in her village, she appeared guarded by her responses, but denied that it was a case of so-called “love” Jihad“, A term used by right-wing groups alleging that Muslim men enter into relationships with Hindu women for the purpose of converting them to Islam.

“At around 11.30 some people caught us – the villagers beat us. They accused us of theft. They caught a boy, I don’t know who he was, and they caught me. I didn’t know that boy. Who is it.” It is not true that he was trying to convert me, ”the girl said in a brief interview to NDTV.

Her mother also supported this version, adding, “She was returning from a birthday party. The boy said he would leave her. The villagers caught him, saying she was at a birthday party, but someone Has not listened to him. We want justice. “

The girl’s father, who unavoidably filed an FIR alleging attempts at conversion, was unavailable for comment.

But police claim that the girl was missing and the teenager was kidnapped, but she “managed to escape”.


“A girl was missing for a few days, was found and a case was registered. The boy gave a Hindu name, Sonu, and had to convince her to flee for the purpose of converting. She somehow managed to escape. . ” The accused has been arrested, ”said Sanjay Kumar, a senior police officer in Bijnor.

The police version is also disputed by the head or head of the girl’s village.

“Looks like the police has made a case, there was no love Jihad got involved. The girl’s parents reported that she went to a birthday party. The boy and he knew each other, ”Pradhan, Vinod Saini told NDTV.

“The villagers may have thought they were thieves and told the police. They were taken to a police station. I got a call. I took the father to the police station. He gave a written statement that no legal action was needed. Was not. ” Took the girl home. Later, a policeman called and asked to bring the girl to the police station. I asked why and he said that a senior officer had affectionately said Jihad The case will be filed, ”Mr. Saini said.

The Bijnor police tweeted a tweet justifying the use of illegal conversion laws in the case. The tweet stated, “The case was registered on the basis of the complaint of the girl’s father. Her statement has been recorded before the magistrate. The accused has also been arrested on the basis of other evidence.”

In a village about 3 km from the girl’s house, the mother of a Muslim teenager has tears. “My boy said that he was going for a birthday. The next morning we came to know that he was in a police station. I want him back, he was also beaten …”, he told NDTV.

Arrests under the new UP law have been highly controversial in some cases, with police stopping weddings and trafficking newlyweds.



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