“BJP is trying to divide people with constitutional, anti-secular policies”

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is winning his sixth term as MLA this time.

Dharmadom, Kannur:

This time in preparation for defending the last bastion of the Left in India, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is confident that the “people are with him” in his fight against the “anti-constitutional forces” on a large scale. The 75-year-old communist is set to contest the assembly elections from Dharmadom constituency in Kannur district, which if he wins, will begin his sixth term as an MLA. Known as a straight-talker and a no-nonsense politician, he is seeking to break the state’s decades-old record of a chief minister not achieving a second consecutive term.

Mr. Vijayan and his government are approaching elections at the end of a round of natural disasters ranging from cyclones to cloudbursts to epidemics. His government has mostly been seen as successfully handling emerging situations. Nevertheless, he described the main political coup of the Left Democratic Front government as “all-round development” of the state. Then there is the huge ideological battle, which his government claims to do with the opposition, especially the BJP-led NDA, which is being seen as a possible third pole in the otherwise bipolar politics of the state.

“The Kerala leftist government has been strong against the constitutional and anti-secular policies of the BJP-led Center at every step. Kerala should not undermine opposition to such divisive forces. People are with us,” said Mr. Vijayan of NDTV Dharmadom. said in.

“The BJP has repeatedly been trying to create divisions in society. Being the party that leads India, it is acting contrary to the secularism enshrined in the Indian Constitution. This party has many attempts to disrupt harmony and secularism. Steps have been taken. It is the Left government which has been unsympathetically strengthened against efforts to divide the people, “he said.

He has often alleged that the other prominent Dhruva of Kerala, the Congress-led United Democratic Front, has arranged a tacit arrangement with the NDA for the sole purpose of toppling the state’s leftist politics. Earlier this month, he said that neither BJP nor Congress wanted free and fair elections in the state and that was the reason why central agencies were “targeting” his government over alleged scams.

“When did these allegations come up? You should see the time. As the elections were near. They have nothing else to say, so (they) are just making allegations. When we came to power, corruption against the first There were a lot of allegations. The Chief Minister said, “We have acted against them and Kerala is considered among the least corrupt states in the world.”

Another issue that has been cited as a possible issue in this election is Sabarimala, the hill-temple which is the center of a major gender debate. While the opposition has shot down his government for its alleged “anti-Hindu” view on the issue, he himself does not feel that the matter will be a factor when people vote this time. The state initially insisted on implementing the 2018 Supreme Court ruling allowing menstruating women to enter the temple. In recent weeks, it has called a decision on the case, which is currently sub-judge, to be taken after a decision by a larger bench of the Supreme Court, even after discussions with all stakeholders.

“Some people are using it unfairly to benefit people and for electoral gains. Parties trying to use Sabarimala have seen their losses during local body elections,” he said.

He also said that the opposition had made fun of all the measures that the government had taken during several natural disasters since taking over as chief minister in 2016. It also includes Cyclone Ockhi. The 2017 floods, the second floods of 2018 and the Kovid-19 epidemic.

During some of these crises, Mr. Vijayan’s informative daily press conference had become a major attraction among the people. However, the opposition had claimed that his government had failed on the rehabilitation front, a claim the Chief Minister rubbished.

“We helped people up to Rs 10 lakh to rebuild homes. Despite our opposition, we stood by the people,” he said.

“There were recurring natural disasters. There is no option but to face it. Our effort was to keep Kerala united and make people aware of everything. We were successful in this. We have done disaster-relief for the people, The pension of the people has been increased. He said that the contribution from the center is minimal.

Some of the disasters in the state are said to be a direct result of climate change. The issue, Vijayan said, would be a priority: “My party will focus on climate change policies as it returns to power.”

Citing his own opportunities in the second term, he left his parent organization, the Communist Party of India Marxist, to take the call. “I cannot speak of myself. Because the Chief Minister is decided by the party after the election.”



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