Center for Ramping in Vaccine Production, Scientific Advisor Says

I do not see that any resource is limited to the expansion of manufacturing: dr. K Vijayaraghavan

New Delhi:

The government is in contact with the Serum Institute of India and other pharmaceutical companies to stop production of Kovid’s vaccine at a time when many states said they were running out of Kovishield and Kovaxin stocks, for use in India. Two vaccines were cleaned.

Asked whether the government would financially support the Serum Institute of India to increase the manufacturing capacity of Rs. 3000 crores, dr. K Vijayaraghavan told NDTV: “All options are … There are investors in India and abroad. There are Indian banks. There are government programs. The government’s research and development programs are … to ensure that manufacturing goes, will connect everyone [on]. I do not see any resources to be limited to the expansion of manufacturing. ”

Last week, Adar Poonawalla, head of the Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII), told NDTV that the current manufacture of covicil vaccines of two Kovid vaccines closed in India was “very tense”. And to accelerate production, he needed Rs 3,000 crore in investment.

“We are supplying in India for around Rs. 150-160. Average price is around $ 20 (Rs. 1,500) … (but) due to the request of Modi government, we are providing at concessional rates … such Not that we are not making profits… but we are not making super profits, which is important to reinvest, ”he said.

“This is the required amount) would be around Rs 3,000 crore. The process takes 85 days, so it will be completed within three months before starting the operation,” he said, adding that he had written to the Center on the subject. Failed which will contact SII banks for loan.

India has given a dose of 100 million vaccines since the drive began on 16 January.

Several states – including Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi and Rajasthan – have asked the Center for supplies, drastically reducing their shares.

In addition, there is a demand to allow people of all age groups to use the vaccine, along with the possibility of putting tremendous pressure on people under 30 years of age. The government has made it clear that it is a difficult task in the current situation.



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