Center should re-assess if Muslims, Christians want minority status in Kerala

The bench, after hearing the arguments on behalf of the petitioner, said that it would pass an order in the matter.


A PIL in the Kerala High Court on Thursday sought a direction to the Center to re-evaluate whether Muslims and Christians should be included in the list of minority communities in Kerala.

A bench of Chief Justice S Manikumar and Justice Shaji P Chali, after hearing arguments on behalf of the petitioner’s organization Citizens Association for Democracy, Equality, Tranquility and Secularism (Cadets), said that it will pass an order in the matter.

The cadets, represented by advocates C Rajendran and K Vijayan, argued that the list of minorities in Kerala has to be rescheduled and sought a direction to the National Commission for Minorities to do so.

The organization has claimed that the Muslim and Christian communities in Kerala have made tremendous progress in the field of socio-economics and education and therefore, their minority status needs to be re-determined and no preferential treatment should be given to them.

It has also sought a direction to the commission to evaluate the development progress of the two communities in Kerala.



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