Court on Deep Sidhu’s petition for a fair investigation

Deep Sidhu has filed an application for an impartial inquiry into the 26 January violence case.

New Delhi:

The police is believed not to collect evidence only to prove the crime of the accused but to bring out a true picture, a Delhi court on Friday directed the inquiry on the petition of actor-activist Deep Sidhu That he claimed he was “the instigator of Red Fort violence on Republic Day during the Farmers’ Tractor Parade against the three new agricultural laws of St.

The court said, however, that appropriate action could be taken and relevant sections could be added to the charges if Deep Sidhu was trying to mislead the investigation by fabricating false evidence.

“I (the investigating officer) are obliged to properly investigate the case in a fair and impartial manner. It is not only to collect evidence to prove the guilt of the accused, but he has to bring out the true picture. The court, “Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Gajendra Singh Nagar said in his order.

The court was hearing Mr. Sidhu’s plea, directing the police to include in the record all the videos and other material which allegedly proved his innocence and a fair and impartial investigation into the case.

During the hearing, advocate Abhishek Gupta, appearing on behalf of Mr. Sidhu, told the court that he was not at the forefront of the incident at the Red Fort, as alleged by the police.

Mr. Gupta claimed that he had no video of people gathering at the Red Fort. They did not commit any kind of violence on the Red Fort. He was only a peaceful protestor.

He further claimed that Mr. Sidhu was staying at a hotel in Murthal from where he checked out at 12 pm on 26 February and left for Delhi only after checking out from Delhi.

“CCTV footage of the hotel, which was in working condition, checkout bill showing details of time / payment as online payment, will be received to ascertain … Further, car navigation system installed in Ford Endeavor car The time taken by them to reach the Red Fort from Murthal, as well as the route taken by them, which is in the possession of the police, will be shown.

Mr. Gupta said, “Mr. Sidhu reached the area around the Red Fort around 2 in the afternoon, which can be proved from his phone location and by that time a huge crowd has gathered on the spot,” Mr. Gupta said.

He claimed that there was CCTV footage of the Red Fort in which Sidhu can be seen helping the police to drive away the mob where they were trying to hoist the flag.

It was also alleged in the plea that the police have chosen not to investigate the evidence which fully accepts the case leveled against the applicant / accused (Sidhu).

“Also, CCTV footage of Red Fort is already with the investigating agency, which shows that the applicant / accused did not participate in any act of violence and instead he is helping the police to calm the crowd Was.

“The applicant / accused is apprehensive that the CCTV footage and video will also not be considered by the police (CCTV footage of Red Fort from 10 am to 4.00 pm). The applicant / accused has allegedly not committed any crime in the FIR. If the aforesaid record is not called, preserved and made part of the record, it will be difficult for the applicant / accused to prove their innocence, justice will not be found in the further end.

Appearing on behalf of the police, Additional Public Prosecutor Rajiv Kamboj opposed Mr. Sidhu’s plea, saying that the accused cannot guide the police to investigate in a special manner.

“The police is obliged to conduct a fair and impartial investigation. However, the accused cannot be allowed to divert the police investigation out of his way. By moving the current application, the accused tries to guide the investigation being carried out by the police Is doing, ”the government lawyer claimed.

The court remanded Mr. Sidhu to judicial custody in the case on 23 February. Police had previously alleged that he was one of the prime examples of violent incidents at the Red Fort.



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