Democracy like India, challenges facing America: Indian-American Congress King Krishnamurthy

King Krishnamurthy called India the largest secular democracy in the world


Democracies around the world, including the United States and India, are facing challenges, Indian-American Congressman Raja Krishnamurthy has said.

“Today, no one can escape the feeling that America’s democratic institutions are facing unprecedented threats,” he said on Wednesday, praising the ‘voice of international conscience’, which was on 5 April. He was referring to the January 6 attack on America. Capital.

“In response to the January 6 rebellion, Americans must remodel themselves to uphold the core tenet of any secular democracy: individuals of all races, religions, and backgrounds can freely express their views and Can live in peace, with the guarantee of their rights and safety. ” Mr. Krishnamurthy said.

The recent wave of violent attacks on Asian-Americans, which culminated in a mass shootout in Atlanta on March 16, underscores the need to protect the rights and safety of all, he said.

“Democracies around the world are facing similar challenges, including my birth country India – the world’s largest secular democracy. Like the United States, Indian people of all religious and cultural backgrounds – Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and others. – including members of all castes – should be able to flourish and be safe with the freedom to fulfill their full potential, “the Indian-American Congress said.

Issues that divide the Indian people and its institutions also pose common challenges, such as vaccination of the global population against the COVID-19 epidemic, facing the threat of Chinese military aggression, and repairing the economy and reaching it. To allow. New heights, he insisted.

“India is an essential ally of the US on important challenges such as security problems and climate change. It is important that our two democracies remain strong by remaining true to our shared highest principles, such as treating all people with respect, fairness and dignity . ” , ”Said Mr. Krishnamurthy.

“Furthermore, in countries from France to Germany, Britain and other Western democracies, concerns are developing about the erosion of democratic norms and the potential for the prosperity of ethnic, religious and cultural minorities. For both France and Germany. E.g. For, the recently collected data suggest that there was a significant increase in hate crimes and violence against religious minorities in the last year, ”he said.

Mr. Krishnamurthy said the horrific events in Washington, DC and Atlanta have served as striking reminders that American democracy can never be affected.

“They also serve as important lessons for our fellow democracies around the world that the rights and safety of all people should always be protected and upheld. I hope that as this week we celebrate International Day, We all reflect on how we can. More to promote a culture of peace with love and wisdom, “he said.



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