Dhananjay Munde: BJP leader Krishna Hegde accusing Maharashtra minister: tried to blackmail me

Krishna Hegde said that Dhananjay Munde’s accused harassed him between 2010 and 2015.


The controversy over rape allegations against Maharashtra minister Dhananjay Munde saw a shocking turn on Thursday with an opposition BJP leader, who claimed that Mr Munde’s accused had tried to have a relationship with him since 2010.

Former Congress MLA Krishna Hegde, who joined the BJP four years ago, said that the woman who accused Munde of raping her in 2016 was harassing her till 2015, to bring her into a relationship Was trying

“Through my sources, I came to know that he is a suspect who is setting up a honey trap. I completely met him. I have been informed that some more individuals have been implicated in honey and The money has been withdrawn, ”Mr. Hegde said. In a letter to the Mumbai Police.

Messages and phone calls from several numbers “on the issue of harassment” were involved and lasted from 2010 to 2015, he said, to file a police case against the woman.

“Also on 6 January 2021 and 7 January 2021, he WhatsApp me … I did not respond to messages except to send him a thumb-up emoji,” Mr Hegde said.


The BJP leader said he was “shocked” to see his allegations against Dhananjay Munde a few days ago, which helped him reach the police.

“Today, they have targeted him, a few years ago it could have been me and tomorrow it would be someone else,” he said.

Following the allegations leveled by the woman, Mr. Munde got into a controversy that had been demanding BJP’s resignation for the last few days. Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar said on Thursday that the allegations are “serious” and the party will hold a meeting on the issue.

The social justice minister has denied the allegations, claiming that he has been in a relationship with his sister for years and has two children with her after their marriage. Describing it as a conspiracy to blackmail, he said that he had also filed a police complaint in November.



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