Dr. Jaishankar says that you do not stop elections in a place like India

S. Jaishankar dismissed criticism of the election among Kovid as he needed “point scoring”.

New Delhi:

Amidst global criticism over political campaigns when the Kovid cases exploded in the country, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has offered the justification – “You don’t stop elections in a place like India”. He also described Kovid as a common problem and a global crisis.

Jaishankar said in an interview to the news agency ANI, “When an epidemic hits loudly, there are arguments, questions. People have talked about elections, we are a democratic country, you don’t stop elections in a place like India. “

“A few decades before when we closed the election … When I was very young, none of us really wanted to be associated with that kind of memory,” he said, apparently The Emergency refers to 1975 enacted by the Congress government led by Indira Gandhi.

Mr Jaishankar dismissed criticism of the election among Kovid as he needed “point scoring”.

“We are a very rational society. Such a point would be scoring – someone would say that this crowd contributed to it, someone would say that the crowd contributed to it. Someone would not ask a person or a leader to wear a mask. Somebody would Will say that leader B did not wear a mask there. In my view, we need to stop it, “the foreign minister said.

Political leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, addressed a number of rallies in March-April, with elections being held in five states, when there was a big boom in India.

The campaign continued even as more than 3 lakh cases were reported daily and several states reported shortages of vaccines, oxygen, medicines and hospital beds, raising more questions about the government’s priorities.

Mr. Jaishankar was also asked about the observation of critics that India was at one time exporting vaccines, which were growing and now depended on foreign aid.

“As I said COVID is a common problem. Now look at last year, when it came or even this year when it came to medicines, we gave hydroxychloroquine, paracetamol, we gave it to the US, we gave it to Singapore, We gave to European countries., We sent medical teams to Kuwait, we gave vaccines to some countries. Now what you describe as help, we describe friendship as support.

According to Mr. Jaishankar, it was not “accurate” to accept the situation as India was accepting aid.

“I think it’s not in my mind to present the situation properly,” he said.

He said that the world has never seen a global crisis of this proportion and for this people need to come together. He said that there should not be point-scoring.

(With inputs from ANI)



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