Facebook launches in-app vaccine tracker in India

Facebook’s tracker tool will display a walk-in option for vaccination overall (delegate)


Facebook has partnered with the Indian government to add a vaccine finder tool to its mobile app in India that will help people identify nearby places to get vaccinated.

According to Mashable, earlier this week, Facebook announced a $ 10 million grant for emergency response efforts for COVID-19 status in the country. The vaccine tracker tool will allow users to locate the nearest vaccine centers and their hours of operation, shared by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).

The tracker tool will also collect and display a walk-in option (for 45-year-olds and older) along with links to register on the Coquin portal and schedule vaccination appointments.

Facebook said in a post on its platform, “In partnership with the Government of India, Facebook will start making its vaccine finder tool available in 17 languages ​​on the Facebook mobile app in India.

The company said it would join hands with non-governmental organizations and agencies – namely, United Way, Swastam, Hemkunt Foundation, IM Gurgaon, Project Mumbai and the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF). A repository of important medical supplies with over 5,000 oxygen concentrators and other life saving devices such as ventilators, BiPAP machines.

According to Mashable, Facebook also said that the COVID-19 Information Center will also have information on how to perform emergency care and how to manage mild COVID-19 symptoms at home, and will be provided by UNICEF India.



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