Farmer leader Satnam Singh Pannu on Delhi violence, we broke the barricade only when the police stopped us

new Delhi:

A day after the farmers’ tractor rally on Republic Day that dissolved into chaos and violence, when the protesters made their way to Delhi, the peasant leader, who for the first time knocked in the barricade, took any action in violation of the Red Fort. The role is denied. Satnam Singh Pannu blamed the ruling BJP for organizing the Red Fort violence to tame peasant protests.

Satnam Singh Pannu and members of his Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti, a small group participating in two months of protests against the three-month farm laws, at one point called “Mukarba Chowk”, through the first hurdle on Delhi’s borders. Were responsible for breaking from.

The planned tractor rally, after the Republic Day parade was over in the capital, plunged into lawlessness after farmers prematurely broke barricades and changed the agreed route. After reaching the heart of Delhi and a confrontation with the police, the protesters threw their tractors with sticks and flags into the iconic Red Fort. A religious flag called “Nishan Sahib” was planted by the protesters, who were also seen in the video chasing and attacking the policemen.

Shri Pannu said that the change of route was not undisclosed.

“We had initially declared that we would take the Outer Ring Road. Even the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (the group that led the peasant protests) had said so, but later supported it. Police The barricades broke when we stopped us. ” ” he said.


“We kept telling the police that we would go to Outer Ring Road in peace.”

Mr. Pannu insisted that his group later had nothing to do with the Red Fort violence. He named Punjabi actor and activist Deep Sidhu for inciting clashes and planting Sikh religious flag.

“Everything that happened at the Red Fort is due to Deep Sidhu. Why didn’t the police stop him at the Red Fort? He is close to the ruling party.”



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