Farmers protest against agriculture laws at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar today

Farmers’ protest: Farmers have been allowed to protest staggeringly.

New Delhi:

Farmers will stage a sit-in protest at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar today, demanding abolition of controversial agricultural laws. The Delhi Police on Wednesday allowed them to hold a demonstration with groups of 200 every day at Jantar Mantar during the monsoon session of Parliament.

Here are LIVE updates on farmers’ protest:

Farmers reached Jantar Mantar
Delhi Police is taking the farmers to Jantar Mantar after security check at the resort

Delhi Border: Farmers, Police Interaction
The farmers have been taken inside a resort for head counting and identification checks.

Farmers protest: what is happening now?

Buses are stopped at the Delhi border in Singhu.

Delhi Police is asking them to take another route.

Farmers want to take GT Karnal Road.

farmers’ protest
Farmers in buses were stopped at the Delhi border at Jantar Mantar in central Delhi. The police asked them to take another route.



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