Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij

Anil Vij’s warning came amid reports that people are still not following the lockdown orders (file)


With reports of lockdown norms being violated in some areas of the state, Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij on Tuesday asked people to follow all Kovid-related guidelines or be prepared for further sanctions.

“The strict steps we are already taking to stop the spread of the virus cannot be successful without the cooperation of the people,” Mr. Vij told reporters on Tuesday.

He said that many people had lost their lives, while many others had contracted the infection, adding that unless people needed it, they should be thrown out.

As a measure to control the sharp rise in Kovid-19 cases and infections, the Haryana government has imposed a lockout across the state from May 3 to May 10 (5 am).

All the guidelines related to Mr. Kovid are followed on wearing a mask and social disturbances, otherwise the state government would be obliged to impose further restrictions, Mr. Vij told the people of the state.

According to Mr. Vij’s reports, people in some areas of the state are still not following the lockdown orders and not realizing the seriousness of the situation.

Haryana on Monday reported 140 Kovid-19 related fatal incidents, bringing the cumulative toll to 4,626. The state had reported 12,885 fresh infections, bringing the total case count to 5,27,773.

On Tuesday, the Ambala police conducted a road-push and sit-up to a group of youths in the Ambala Cantt area as they had allegedly violated the lockdown orders.

While doing physical exercises to them, police officers may be asked to repeat aloud to a group of youths, “We will do the lockdown (we will follow the orders for the lockdown)”.

Ambala Cantt SHO, Inspector Vijay Kumar said that he had received information that some people had gone out on the morning walk and were violating lockdown orders as well as not following social distancing norms.

He said he was stopped for a while and later left with a warning.

Also in Bhiwani, a small group of people who violated lockdown orders were made to conduct sit-ups and other exercises and were let go with warnings.

“We are informing them that no one should come out of the homes unnecessarily after the lockout is implemented,” a police official told reporters.

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