Hindu man moved Gujarat High Court for conversion to Islam

A judge had earlier directed the district collector to decide on the application (representative)


A 32-year-old Hindu man, who wanted to convert, moved the Gujarat High Court to direct the officials of Bharuch district to move because more than a year has passed since he submitted an application for the same Was.

Petitioner Jignesh Patel’s counsel MT Syed said on Thursday that the Collector of Bharuch had put Mr. Patel’s application on hold for more than a year, despite giving a favorable opinion in an inquiry report of a sub-divisional magistrate in February 2020 That they may be allowed to proselytize.

In a recent order, Justice Bela Trivedi directed the district collector to take a decision on Mr. Patel’s application “as soon as possible”, preferably within eight weeks.

Mr. Patel’s counsel said, “The application for permission of the Collector in Bharuch has been pending for more than a year. The petition was filed to instruct the Collector to decide on the petition.”

The sub-divisional magistrate’s report established that Jignesh Patel was not pressured to convert, as mandated in the state’s anti-conversion law.

Mr. Patel submitted his application to the Collector on November 26, 2019, with an announcement that he was not subject to pressure for conversion or purchase.


The petitioner stated in his affidavit that he was attracted to Islam and wanted to convert.

He had been living like Muslims for six years, fasting during Ramadan, performing namaz and following other rituals related to religion.

His application was also endorsed by an Imran Patel, the man who presided over the conversion, was originally scheduled on January 1, 2020, but the collector never responded, with Jignesh Patel appearing before the High Court Said in his petition.

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