In Bihar, the Patna High Court condemned the apparent discrepancies in Kovid’s death toll.

In Buxar, Bihar, more than 70 bodies were found on the banks of the Ganges last week.


A few days after the corpses floated along the banks of the Ganges in Buxar, Bihar, the Patna High Court has dismissed apparent discrepancies in the number of dead reported by various official agencies. The judges asked the Chief Health Secretary to submit a new report within two days after verifying all the details.

The High Court, which has been monitoring the situation of Kovid in Bihar, has contested the deaths of Kovid in the state by the chief secretary of the state, Tripurari Sharan and the divisional commissioner of Patna, especially in Buxar, where the contradictions filed by more than 70 bodies Called affidavits, torn up surfaced on the banks of the river last week.

A bench of Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice Sanjay Kumar said, “We are angry with the way the affidavit is being filed. The bench deserves better treatment from the government. We do not appreciate it.”

In the affidavit of the Chief Secretary, only eight deaths have been claimed in Buxar since 1 March. But the divisional commissioner’s official statement said that 789 cremations took place between May 5 and May 14 at Chardham Ghat in Buxar.

The High Court said that it was not clear in the documents how many deaths were caused by Kovid-19. Asking about those details, it said that other causes of death should be explained according to age groups.

The judges said that Buxar has a population of about 1.7 million. He questioned what would happen to the entire district if 789 cremations were performed at the same crematorium in 10 days.

“The chief secretary does not say that the six deaths have been caused by Kovid only. The commissioners also do not say that 789 deaths are non-Kovid. The total population of Buxar is 1.7 million, but the figures are only for the city council. The dead. There is no mention of religion or age groups. The funeral may have been performed at the cemetery, “Peetha said.

The High Court also said that the official website of the Bihar government was not updated on the number of deaths.



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