India reaches more US companies by investing in medical devices

India has recently launched a production-linked incentive scheme. (Representative)


India has reached the top US pharma companies seeking investment in the country’s pharmaceutical and medical devices sector, gaining urgency in the wake of the disastrous second wave of coronavirus virus.

India’s Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu has had a virtual meeting with Alberta Borla, Pfizer CEO, Thermo Fisher CEO Mark Casper, Bert Brust, Antilia Scientific Chairman and CEO and Pal Life Life Sciences CEO Joseph Lep.

He also had a call from Emmanuel Ligner, CEO and President of Cytiva.

During his talks with pharma companies, Taranjit Singh Sandhu mentioned that India wants to encourage investment in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector.

India said, it has recently launched a production-linked incentive scheme that will provide new investment opportunities to American companies.

Taranjit Singh Sandhu said after meeting with Alberta Borla last week, “There were discussions on ways to support health efforts including vaccines in India and strengthen our epidemic response in India.”

On Monday, Alberta Borla stated that Pfizer was following up with a deep concern about the significant COVID-19 situation in India, and that their company was doing everything possible to provide assistance.

“Today we announced that we are mobilizing the largest humanitarian relief effort in the history of our company to help the people of India fight the second wave of coronovirus.

Among other things, it announced a substantial donation of its medicines worth US $ 70 million to ensure that every COVID-19 patient can have free access to them in the next 90 days in every public hospital across India.

“This effort has the potential to affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients,” Alberta Borla said.

In his meeting with Mark Casper, CEO of Thermo Fisher, Taranjit Singh Sandhu underscored his pivotal role in the fight against the epidemic, accelerating India’s supply of raw materials for covicillin vaccines as well as essentials such as remedisvir Are also included.

Massachusetts-based Thermo Fisher is an important company in the supply chain of biopharma products. It supplies analytical instruments, laboratory instruments, chemicals, and supplies to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic laboratories, universities, research institutes, and government agencies.

During his meeting with Pal Life Sciences CEO, Rape, the Indian Ambassador discussed strengthening the supply chain and accelerating the input of key medicines such as Remedisvir, and the Novavax vaccine.

PAL biotech products have played a key role in life-saving drugs, ranging from Ebola vaccines to cancer-treated monoclonal antibodies. Its products have great relevance given the current epidemic situation and are part of important supply chains in the industry.

The company has an extensive network in India, with offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Delhi and Bangalore.

Taranjit Singh Sandhu, in a call with Bert Brust, president and CEO of Antilia Scientific, praised his company’s efforts to ensure timely input for Covishield and Novavax vaccines.

Antilia Scientific is a global peristaltic and single-use bioprocessing solutions specialist with a diverse portfolio of life sciences and clinical products for the pharma, biopharma, healthcare and environmental markets.

The Ambassador had a call with Emanuel Ligner, CEO and President of Siteva, a global provider of technologies and services that advances the development and manufacturing of therapeutics.



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