India slams Pakistan over unverified uranium recovery claim

Pakistan wants to defame India regardless of fact-checking or verification, India said (File)

New Delhi:

India on Thursday hit out at Pakistan for making an unverified claim that some of the material recently seized in Jharkhand’s Bokaro was uranium and called it an attempt by Islamabad to defame the country.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said the seized material was not uranium and emphasized that India maintains a strict law-based regulatory system for internationally controlled goods, reflected in its “impeccable” non-proliferation credentials. it happens.

“The Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India, after due evaluation and laboratory analysis of the sample of the material, has stated that the material confiscated last week is not uranium nor radioactive,” External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said.

“The unnecessary remarks about India by the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan, based on a media report, indicate their nature to defame India, regardless of fact-checking or verification,” he said at a media briefing.

Mr Bagchi was responding to a question on Pakistan’s official remarks in response to a media report on the seizure of suspicious material in Bokaro last week.

“I also confirm that India maintains a strict law-based regulatory system for internationally controlled goods, which is reflected in our impeccable non-proliferation credentials recognized by the international community,” he said.

Last week, Pakistan’s foreign ministry demanded a probe into the seizure of nuclear material.

Asked about reports of security concerns at the Indian High Commission in Pakistan, Mr. Bagchi did not give a direct answer, but said the Ministry of External Affairs maintains liaison with local authorities regarding the safety and security of its diplomatic premises.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains contact with local authorities regarding the security of all our diplomatic premises, which we believe is the responsibility of the host government,” he said.



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