Indian Navy rescues 60 people aboard barge from Mumbai

Cyclone Touke: The Navy has deployed three of its frontline warships to rescue people aboard two ships.


The Indian Navy on Monday night evacuated 60 out of 400 of the two ships from the Mumbai coast into a challenging maritime situation as the cyclone Taukata hit the west coast, officials said.

The Navy has deployed three of its frontline warships to rescue people aboard two ships.

Navy officials said 60 people were rescued from one of the two boats at around 11 pm.

Indian Navy spokesman Commander Vivek Madhwal said that the search and rescue operations would continue overnight for the remaining people.

Naval officials said that the ships deployed to assist the two ships included INS Kolkata, INS Kochi and INS Talwar.

The spokesperson said, “Upon receipt of request for assistance for a barge” P305 “away from the diamond oil fields in the Bombay High Zone with 273 personnel, INS Kochi proceeded swiftly with a dispatch for search and rescue assistance. was done.”

He said that INS Talwar has also been deployed for search and rescue operations.

Commander Madhwal said, “In response to another SOS received from the barge” GAL constructor “with 137 people aboard the ship about 8 nautical miles from Mumbai, INS Kolkata has been dispatched to provide assistance.”

He said that several other ships and aircraft have also been prepared for HARD (Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief) operations in view of the cyclone storm.

Earlier in the day, a naval helicopter rescued four members of the crew of an Indian ship, according to a crew spokesman named “Coromondale Supporter IX”, which had drifted into the Arabian Sea.

He said that due to the stormy sea due to cyclonic weights, the vessel’s machinery compartments were flooded, making it without propulsion and power supply.

He said, “In quick response to SOS by an Indian vessel flowing into the Arabian Sea, a naval helicopter was sent to rescue the stranded crew of the Indian flagged tug” Coromandel Supporter IX “, which is northwest of Mangalore, Karnataka Was in. ” .

He said the helicopter was dispatched after an attempt to rescue the crew by a boat failed.

Regarding the Navy’s response to deal with the cyclone’s consequences, the Navy spokesman said that in case of any request from state officials, 11 diving teams have been kept ready for deployment.

He said that 12 flood rescue teams and medical teams have also been kept ready for immediate response and deployment.

“If necessary, repair and rescue teams have been formed to make immediate structural repairs after the cyclone,” he said.

He said, “Various ships along the western seaboard are ready with aid and relief material for immediate assistance to the affected areas and to provide assistance to fishing boats / small boats due to inclement weather. . “

Commander Madhwal said that on surveillance, the Navy’s marine reconnaissance aircraft are constantly circulating cyclone warnings to fishermen.



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