Integrated Medical Approach Short COVID-19 Patients Stay in Hospital: Study

According to the study, integrated medical approach Kovid patients remain in hospital (File)


An integrated pharmaceutical approach in the treatment of coronavirus patients not only shortened their hospital stay, but also helped the infected recover faster, a study by proven doctors showed when the epidemic in Tamil Nadu was at its peak.

The overall average length of stay was 12 days for those who were given zinc, vitamin C pills as advised by the state government, and Kabasura Kudinar, a proven polyharbal manufacture, advised by the Union Ministry of AYUSH, A survival analysis claims study.

The study was conducted to assess the length of stay of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients under Integrated Medicine – Zinc, Vitamin C and Kabasura Kudinar carried out by a team of government-proven doctors at Government Medical College and ESI Hospital Coimbatore.

Director of Siddha Central Research Institute, Chennai, Dr. According to Satya Rajeswaran, the data was collected from confirmed COVID-19 cases admitted to GMC and ESI Hospital Coimbatore.

“In our study, no deaths were reported,” he said.

The study was conducted on patients admitted from April 26, 2020.

He was discharged for analysis by May 5, 2020.

The results of the study were recently published in the European Journal of Molecular and Clinical Medicine.


Of the 251 COVID positive cases included in the study, 151 had close contact with positive cases, 94 had travel history through content zones such as Delhi, and one had travel history of Kashmir and the remaining 5 from travel history only. Were free.

The duration of the hospital varies from 1-36 days.

About 5.2 percent of the patients were above 60 years of age, 75.3 percent were aged 20–60, and the remaining 19.5 percent were in the 0–20 group.

All 251 positive cases were hospitalized and 141 of them were male, 83 were female, 12 were boys, and 15 were girls, who are a senior proven physician at the Central Council for Research in Siddha, Chennai, who gave PTI Told.

Fever and cough were the main symptoms of the patients, while some described respiratory distress and others asymptomatic.

Dr. Satya Rajeswaran said that all positive cases were negatively replaced and discharged from the hospital.



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