Member of US Congress wrote to Joe Biden about COVID-19 situation in India

Congressmen urged Joe Biden to share India’s surplus dose of US-bought vaccines


Expressing concern over the massive increase in COVID-19 cases in India, a congressman has written to US President Joe Biden to expedite India’s US aid in terms of oxygen cylinders, ventilators, BiPAP machines and surplus vaccines. Are urging

“For the past several weeks, I have heard from constituents who fear for the health and safety of their family members in India. They worry that their loved ones will join those who are unable to detect oxygen or Looking for the care they need from overwhelmed hospitals. And a health system on the verge of collapse, “Congresswoman Deborah Ross said in a letter to Joe Biden.

In her letter, Deborah Ross thanked Joe Biden for ordering supplies in excess of US $ 100 million to provide immediate relief to India.

From oxygen systems and personal protective equipment (PPE) to rapid diagnostic testing and medical science, America’s support for India is a testament to a seven-decade partnership between the two countries, she said.

“It is in our national interest to help India react to this latest wave, because this epidemic will not end anywhere until it ends everywhere. As India continues to face this boom, I hope you would consider providing additional shipments of oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, oxygen. Deborah Ross said generator plants, remediesvir, tocilizumab and ventilator / biap machines.

India, she said, needs strict health supplies, especially oxygen and oxygen production equipment. He said that photographs and stories of patients in dire need of oxygen for this device have created a human face on the country’s urgent need of the device.

Deborah Ross represents the second congressional district in North Carolina, with a significant number of the Indian-American population.

Noting that the US would also have to work to ensure that vaccines are accessible in India, Congressmen recently announced plans to make available sources of raw materials to help the country produce more vaccines.

He urged Joe Biden to share India’s surplus dose of US-bought vaccines as soon as possible.

“I also understand that India is keen to produce high-quality American vaccines domestically, and I hope you will work with the private sector to assess how the United States is best supporting India in this endeavor Can do, ”he said.

Deborah Ross said that as long as COVID-19 persists in India, new variants are likely to emerge that could pose a serious threat to a vaccinated US.

“All of us around the world must do our part to extinguish this virus. I thank you again for your commitments to support our ally India through this COVID-19 crisis, and I look forward to America I will continue to work with you to increase. -India relations, ”said Deborah Ross.

The chairman of the Science and Technical Congress Committee, Eddie Bernice, held a virtual meeting with India’s Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu on Tuesday.

“A strong relationship between the United States and India is critical to addressing the broad range of challenges facing us today. Talk with Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu about our shared values ​​and priorities in the field of science and technology Pleased to do “said Edder Bernice. .

The two discussed the India-US partnership in the areas of scientific research and development, including vaccines, medical science, emerging technologies and climate change, Taranjit Singh Sandhu said in a tweet.

Senator Gary Peters said, “My heart breaks for all those who have lost their lives and have been affected by the boom of COVID19 in India.”

“I support President Biden’s decision to send emergency assistance and resources to support the people of India. We must continue to support, as India works to slow the spread,” he tweeted. did.



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