Mysuru Library reportedly set fire, rebuilding social media crowdfund

Syed Issac is determined to rebuild the library

A 62-year-old wage laborer in Mysuru was allegedly set on fire by unidentified people on Friday.

The library, run by Syed Issaq, had more than 11,000 books, most of them in Kannada.

“This public library had at least 11,000 books and has been functional since 2011. There were books and papers of all religions. Everything has been destroyed by burning,” Mr. Issac told NDTV.

After the incident, Mr. Issac lodged a police complaint, alleging that the fire could be set by people who are against Kannada language.

“Those who hate or dislike Kannada did this … There should be a library here. The education facility in this area is very poor,” he said.

Hearing about the fire, people on social media have raised Rs 13 lakh so far to help Mr Issaq, who is determined to build the library again.

“Whatever happens, is for the good. Education is essential here. Abdul Kalam once said, ‘A good book equals 100 good friends.’ You befriend 100 people, they will betray you, but a book will never betray you. ”He said.



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