Punjab appoints Sonu Sood as brand ambassador of Kovid vaccination campaign

Sonu Sood also presented his book to Amarinder Singh during the meeting.


Actor Sonu Sood has been made the brand ambassador of Kovid vaccination program in Punjab. Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh made the announcement today, a day after meeting the actor who called him to his residence.

“Happy to share that actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood will be the brand ambassador of our # Covid19 vaccination campaign. I appeal to her to support this campaign, and to protect every Punjabi, and get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible.” Thank you for that. ” , ”The chief minister tweeted.

Amarinder Singh said that there is no one more suitable to inspire and influence people to take the vaccine.

“There is a lot of hesitation among the people in Punjab. Sonu Sood’s popularity, and his exemplary role in bringing tens of thousands of migrants to safe houses, since the pandemic spread last year, will help counter his reservation.” The minister said in an official statement.

“When people hear this ‘Punjab da Puttar’ (son of Punjab), talk about the benefits of the vaccine, and how safe and necessary it is, they will believe it. Because they trust him, ” They said.

Sonu Sood said that he was happy and honored to be appointed brand ambassador for the vaccination program.

“I feel blessed to have played any role in this massive campaign of the Punjab government to protect the lives of the people of our home state,” he said.

On the occasion, the actor presented his book “I am no messiah” to the Chief Minister, which he says reflects the experiences of his journey from Moga to Mumbai.

“I truly believe that I am no savior. I am just a human being playing my small part in the larger plans of God. If I can touch any life in the process in any way, I can only say that God has blessed me, he is guiding me to fulfill my duty, ”the actor said in another statement.

During a nationwide coronovirus-induced lockdown last year, the actor, known for playing antagonistic roles in films, helped thousands of migrant workers stranded across the country to reach their home states.

He was revered as the Messiah for the emigrants. Sonu Sood soon made national headlines as he made arrangements for food and traveled for thousands of the underprivileged during the lockout.



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