Team Save Lives of 22 Kovid Patients at Sonu Sood, Bengaluru Hospital

Sonu Sood has already received her vaccine dose (File)

New Delhi:

Actor Sonu Sood worked all night with his team on Monday to provide oxygen at ARAK Hospital in Bangalore, from where he received the SOS call.

At least 22 people were reportedly at risk because of the unavailability of oxygen cylinders. On Tuesday, a member of the Sonu Sood Charity Foundation received a call from Yelahanka Old Town inspector MR Satyanarayana about the situation at ARAK Hospital, who had already lost two patients due to lack of oxygen.

The team immediately took action and arranged the cylinder at around midnight. He woke up all his contacts to inform them of the emergency and to inform the army men for help. Within a few hours, 15 more oxygen cylinders were arranged by Sonu Sood’s team.

“It was sheer teamwork and a desire to help our fellow countrymen. As soon as we got a call from Inspector Satyanarayana, we verified it and took action within minutes. The team spent the whole night thinking about helping but nothing else. Spent. The hospital gets an oxygen cylinder. If there was a delay, many families would lose their close ones.

“I want to thank everyone who helped save so many people last night. These are the actions by my team members who want to keep me moving forward and change people’s lives Trying. I’m very proud. ” Hashmath who was in touch with me the whole time and the whole team helped him, ”he said.

The police also jumped in to help and at one point, when a patient was to be transferred and no ambulance driver was available, they sent the patient to another hospital.

The second wave of coronavirus has caused a tidal wave of infection, and the number of COVID-19 positive cases is increasing rapidly.

The actor, who has already received his vaccine supplements, launched an initiative – “Sanjeevani – A Shot of Life” – to get people to vaccinate against the novel coronavirus and to raise awareness about the vaccination campaign in the country To encourage.



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