Thousands of Kovid deaths while Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s building is new house: Congress

A new home for the Prime Minister is to be built by December 2022 as part of the Central Vista project.

New Delhi:

Questioning the government’s priorities during the COVID-19 crisis, Congress today said it should deploy all resources to save people’s lives rather than building the new Prime Minister’s residence.

Following criticism from the opposition party, there were reports that the Prime Minister’s residence would be completed by December 2022 as part of the Central Vista project.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that the Prime Minister’s “arrogance is greater than the lives of the people” and asked that Rs 13,450 crore is being spent on the Central Vista project and that during the pandemic people should be fully immunized or given oxygen or Not for providing financial help.

He said, “Rs. 13,450 crore for Central Vista. Or, for 45 million Indians fully vaccinated. Or for 1 crore oxygen cylinders. Or, to give 2 crore families of Rs. 6000. But, P.M. Ego is greater than people’s lives. ” On twitter

Congress spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil said at a press conference that while the people are gasping for life, “the Sultan is busy building his palace”.

“At a time when the people of the country are struggling with shortage of oxygen, vaccines, hospital beds, medicines, it would be better for the government to devote all resources to save lives instead of building new homes. 13,000 crores Rs. PM, ”Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said in a tweet in Hindi.

The Congress general secretary said, “Such expenses send a message to the public that the priorities of the government are elsewhere.” He urged the government to reconsider the decision and spend money on improving health infrastructure to save the lives of the people. “

The Congress leader said, “Today the priority should be to help save the lives of the people, provide them with vaccines, oxygen, medicines and ICU beds.”

“Everyday thousands of people are falling prey to corona and ‘Faqir‘Building a new home for yourself? What else will the dreamer show the country, ”Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said in a tweet in Hindi.

Mr Gohil, who is an MP from Gujarat, alleged that “as Chief Minister, his (PM Modi’s) priority was to build a big palace for himself”.

The Congress spokesperson said that experts are now saying that only one lockdown virus can break this chain of transmission and the government should follow their advice. But provide for the poor by putting 6000 rupees in their accounts, he said.

Mr Gohil said that the 14th century Delhi Sultan Mohammed bin Tughluq had ruined the country’s economy by changing its currency “as PM Modi has done since demonetisation”.

The Congress leader said that the whole country is looking towards the government and its leader to save his life. He said that the sympathy of the Congress Party is with all those who have lost their loved ones.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and published from a syndicated feed.)



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