“Vaccine Hesitancy Global Phenomenon”: Center Dispels “Myths”

Vaccine hesitation has been reported from rural areas in the country (File)

New Delhi:

Vaccine hesitation is a globally accepted phenomenon, the government said today in the title “Busting Myths of Immunization”, underlining that the issue must be addressed at the community level in a scientific manner.

The Center said a “COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Strategy” was shared with all states at the start of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Vaccine hesitation has been reported from rural and tribal-dominated areas in the country, along with rumors about the safety of the shots.

Recently, a video of an elderly woman from Uttar Pradesh hiding behind a drum to dodge a COVID vaccine team was widely shared on social media, with people in parts of rural India The big challenge was to get vaccinated.

Eventually, the woman came out of her “hidden place” and was vaccinated the same day.

In another episode from Madhya Pradesh, a team led by a woman tehsildar (revenue officer) visited Malikedi village in Ujjain district on May 24 to motivate the villagers for the COVID vaccination.

The Center said that it is working closely with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs to improve the situation.

Read the center’s full statement “Immunization Myths Busted” here:



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