Veerappa Moily on Jitin Prasada’s exit from Congress: Party needs major surgery

M Veerappa Moily said Congress will have to undergo a major surgery to be competitive (File)

New Delhi:

A day after Jitin Prasada joined the BJP, senior Congress leader M Veerappa Moily on Thursday said the Congress needs to undergo a “major surgery” and not just rely on legacy, adding that While delegating responsibility to the top leadership, ideological commitment should be given priority. to the leaders.

Mr Moily alleged that Mr Prasad had “personal ambition” over everything, Mr Moily said, adding that the Uttar Pradesh leader’s ideological commitment was questionable from the start and his allegation showed the party winning zero seats in West Bengal that he was incapacitated.

In an interview with PTI, Mr Moily also said that the top leadership should properly evaluate leaders in the party, adding that “one cannot make people leaders when they do not deserve it”.

The former Union Minister said that the Congress will have to reconsider some of these things and re-strategy and only then the party can move forward.

Moily said, “Reorganize the party with the right people on the right posts and don’t put incompetent people (in positions of responsibility) who can’t fulfill it. This is a lesson, Congress needs to introspect in the face of developments.” ” Suggestions for party high command

Asked whether Mr Prasad’s exit from the Congress has any message for the party’s top leaders, he said while appointing them to important posts, the antecedents of leaders, ideology and their attitude towards common people should be given importance. .

Mr Moily, who suggested after the 2019 election defeat that the Congress would undergo a major surgery to be competitive, said the party had long delayed “major surgery” and “it is needed right now”. There is no tomorrow”.

“Next year we are facing assembly elections in seven states and parliamentary elections will be held soon after (in 2024). If we do not perform well in seven elections, we will have more trouble in the general elections,” Moily said. told PTI.

“Congress should not depend on legacy only, but we need to adjust ourselves and prepare ourselves for the competitive politics played by (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi. It is not that PM Modi is invincible, he needs to be our party.” Can be defeated by putting it back on track. Needs major surgery right now, there’s no tomorrow.”

Mr Moily was among a group of 23 leaders, along with Prasad, who wrote to interim president Sonia Gandhi in August last year, urging the party’s organizational change. However, he distanced himself from the G-23 Jammu meeting and supported the leadership of the Gandhi family.

When asked whether the question mark over the leadership issue in the party with Sonia Gandhi as interim president since August 2019, Moily said that under Sonia Gandhi’s leadership, she can inspire and can take decisions.

“We have a leader, so it is not an issue. Under Sonia ji’s leadership, there is no vacancy. She will have to step up and have a major surgery done on the party. She has determination, ability and can inspire.” cadre,” said Mr. Moily.

He stressed that while youth needs to be promoted in the party, ideological orientation should be seen in giving responsibilities.

“Their (leaders’) history has to be looked at, their commitment has to be seen, their dynamism, vision and experience have to be valued,” Moily insisted.

He said the youth needed to be encouraged but their ambition should be within the ideology of the party.

Mr Moily insisted that leadership should not be given to opportunists who can betray the party and who are not capable of giving.

Talking specifically about Mr. Prasad switching to the BJP, he said it was only a question of personal ambition in Mr. Prasad’s case.

Moily said, “He (Prasad) could not make a mark in UP, though Congress had chosen him as a youth leader. He did not live up to the expectations.”

On Mr Prasad being made the AICC in-charge of West Bengal last year, Mr Moily said if a person with no capacity is selected, “ultimately the result will be zero”.

“Sometimes we make mistakes and choose the wrong leaders who are not capable of delivering. Just because they speak good English, we think they are good leaders. We want people’s leaders who are people’s leaders.” language which some leaders like Jitin Prasada were not speaking,” he said.

“By electing such people as state in-charge, the party suffers. It was a totally wrong choice (nominating Prasad as West Bengal in-charge). I knew that big states like West Bengal with Congress I am in a bad shape, without any experience and mass base, without proper approach, which cannot articulate the ideology of Congress, if given the charge, there will be failure,” Mr. Moily said.

On the turmoil being faced by the Congress in its Punjab and Rajasthan units, Mr. Moily said that everyone has to be taken into confidence and the party should depend on those who can deliver the goods.

The saga of defection in the Congress, which began ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, continues unabated with Prasad’s jump on Wednesday, fueling speculation of an exit.

Following the footsteps of his former Congress colleague Jyotiraditya Scindia, Mr Prasad had quit the party in March last year to join the BJP.



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