Will continue to assist India in the fight against COVID-19: US

The White House press secretary said, “We expect our aid to be around US $ 100 million.”


The White House said on Monday that the United States would continue to provide a range of assistance to India, as its “significant partner” continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

White House press secretary Jane Saki told reporters at her daily news conference that President Joe Biden, who has announced US $ 100 million COVID-19 aid to India, is deeply involved with the aid program.

“The President is, of course, aware of the COVID epidemic – how it is affecting various regions of the world, including our important partners in India. And he is deeply engaged as we determine the type of relief and aid Is. What we can and should provide, “said Saki.

In response to a question on India’s COVID-19 status, Saki said that the United States will continue to work on how it can provide assistance to its important partner during this difficult time.

“We expect our assistance to be around US $ 100 million. We have sent seven air shipments funded by the US Agency for International Development to India. A seventh flight with additional oxygen concentrations arrived today through a commercial shipping center, and This is obviously important for many patients who are already – already struggling with COVID, ”she said.

“We will continue to provide a range of assistance. We will keep in touch about the direct needs on the ground, and hope that we can play a constructive role in reducing the numbers and bringing some relief to the people of India.” Saiki said.

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