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10 day old baby, who owns ‘this’ baby? ; A 10-day-old baby was found in an open space in Washim



Akko: A 10 to 12 day old baby was found in Washim district. As soon as this incident was revealed, local citizens searched for the baby’s parent. Meanwhile, the baby’s parents have not been found. This little baby is kept in an orphanage in the city of Akola. (a 10 day old baby was found in an open space in Washim)

A baby was found in Dudhala open space at Malegaon taluka of Washim district a few days ago towards night. The baby would be between 10 and 12 days old. The parents or relatives of the baby have not been found. Now this baby has been admitted to Utkarsh Shishugriha Sanstha of Malkapur by order of Bal Kalyan Samiti of Akolya.

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If any parent or relative of this child is in Dudhala in Washim District, they should contact Utkarsh Shishugriha Basera Colony Akola within 60 days from today with official supply. After examining the evidence, the baby will be handed over to next of kin or parents.

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According to the appeal from the Akola orphanage, the relatives of the child must contact the organization within 60 days from today July 23. It was announced that if no one contacts, Utkarsh Shishu Griha will take action to permanently rehabilitate the child as per the order of Bal Kalyan Samiti. After that, no one will have any legal rights over that child. The organization said everyone should take note.

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