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70 midi buses rented by pmp stopped for lack of engine repair



Mr. Ta. Representative, Pune

The 70 midi buses leased by the PMP to operate on the city’s narrow roads and congested roads have stood idle for the past seven months due to lack of engine repair. Therefore, a question has arisen whether the buses which have been spent in millions of rupees should be kept at the depot.

PMP’s huge buses faced traffic jams on narrow roads and congested city roads. So, a few years ago, the PMP administration purchased 233 buses from the fleet in phases. However, information has come out that 70 of these midi buses are closed due to a lack of engine repair. These buses have been closed for seven months. They are held in various depots around the city. These buses started to stop a few days after being newly integrated into the fleet. Also, since spare parts for this bus were not available, it remained in one place for many months. Therefore, ‘PMP’ has opened a separate counter at the head office to ensure that the necessary spare parts for this bus are immediately available. For this, the administration had launched this counter by paying Rs 20 lakh in advance to the company. However, since no spare parts could be available at this counter, it was eventually closed. After that, these trains are now closed. On the one hand, while the buses are running out of passengers, the passengers are expressing their displeasure as the buses which have spent crores of rupees are closed for a few months.

Now the PMP will have to make repairs

Since the midi bus entered the fleet, this bus has been prone to breakdowns. The maintenance of the bus during the first years after its introduction is the responsibility of the company concerned. However, the depot was closed without repairing them. Now the maintenance period of this company is over. The administration will therefore have to make this repair with its own pocket money. A new invitation to tender must be launched for this purpose.