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a headless body was found in the godavari river, Nashik : A headless body was found in the godavari river, nashik police arrested five defendants in a murder case



Nasik: The headless body of a youth was found in the bed of the Godavari River within the confines of Saikheda Police Station. This incident caused a stir in the region. The separation of the head and torso made it difficult to identify the young dead. Shira was dumped elsewhere and the body was dumped in the Godavari River basin after putting it in a bag to destroy the evidence. In this case, a case was recorded in Saikheda thana.

A yellow rubber band on the hand of the deceased gave direction to the investigation

This brutal murder incident was very serious. Therefore, the police opened a thorough investigation into the incident. A yellow rubber band found in the hand of the dead youngster proved crucial in the police investigation. When we inquired about it in the local market, we learned that such groups were sold in Ozar, Pimpalgaon, Adgaon area, near Nashik city. Meanwhile, the information that the youngster was killed four or five days ago was revealed by the medical service after the autopsy. From there, the direction of the police investigation was decided. They began searching for the dead youth in the Ozar region. According to this, the police got the suspect. Along with this, the cause of death and the whole murder incident came to light.

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Sharad Shinde and Aleem Latif Sheikh are both from Niphad. He was arrested in Parbhani district. Police say the incident has been resolved after a thorough investigation. The two suspects worked as saldars in the fields of farmers Jagdish Sangamanere and Sandeep Sangamanere. Among them, Jagdish Sangamanere had brought a laborer named Hitesh from Nashik city area to Kherwadi for agricultural work. Since then, Hitesh has worked as a saldar with Sharad and Aleem. However, there was an argument between Hitesh and Sharad about taking the cellphone and Hitesh threatened both Sharad and Aleem. Keeping his anger in his heart, Aalim hit Hitesh on the head with an iron bar. Hitesh died on the spot. After Jagdish Sangamanere and Sandeep Sangamanere noticed all this, they separated Hitesh’s head and torso fearing infamy. And tied the body in a bag and threw it into the Godavari river basin in Saykheda region. The head and the torso were thrown in different places. The alleged accused tried to hide the crime. However, this attempt was unsuccessful. Police arrested Sharad Shinde, Aleem Latif Sheikh, Jagdish Bhaskar Sangamnere, Sandeep Bhaskar Sangamnere and Yogesh Jagdish Sangamnere in this case.
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