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a laundress sends naked photos to women, she was fooled by a wrong number; Virar Police Caught Laundress While Texting Naked and Lewd Women



Fire : Virar police arrested an iron man who abused women by sending obscene WhatsApp messages. The name of the accused is Sonu Kanojia (35) and a case has been registered against the accused at Virar Police Station.

Sonu Kanojia, a courtesan from the Dombivli East station area, had mistakenly given the mobile number of a girl from Virar. After realizing the phone belonged to the girl, he started sending obscene messages on his WhatsApp. The girl showed her father all the messages she received on WhatsApp. His father then replied to him by texting him back. But Sonu Kanojia still started insulting and threatening in obscene language. After that, the girl’s father approached the Virar police station and filed a complaint against Sonu Kanojia.

Four women left the house, the fifth gave birth to her husband; Inhuman behavior with her husband
Senior Police Inspector Rajendra Kamble from Virar Police Station immediately took note of the incident and dispatched the Criminal Investigation Team to search for the accused. In just 24 hours, the accused Sonu Kanojia was arrested by the police. Arrested defendant Sonu Kanojia is a married native of Uttar Pradesh. His children and wife live in their village in Uttar Pradesh. The arrested accused, Sonu Kanojia, lived in Dombivli after working in his ironwork shop. The police investigation also revealed that he sent obscene messages to numerous women by taking the mobile numbers of women who brought clothes to be ironed in the shop.

The chase continued, the distraught young woman told friends, and the only thrill was at the CSMT station
Women should be careful when giving out their cell phone number to anyone. If you receive a bad message on your mobile, do not reply to anyone. Police have also urged anyone who behaves indecently to contact police immediately.


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