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A man claimed police took a Rs 2,500 bribe for sitting in Marine Drive after midnight.



Mumbai: One person claimed that a policeman took a bribe of Rs 2,500 from a person sitting at Marine Drive in South Mumbai around 2am. This person gave this bribe to the police officer via UPI and the screenshot was tweeted by this person and made public. This person’s name is Vignesh Kishan.

Vignesh Kishan, who was angry after paying this bribe, expressed his reaction that it is the only thing left to do in Mumbai. Mumbai police have taken notice of this tweet. The police also requested more information about this case.

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Vignesh Kishan says, “I went for a walk in Marine Drive at night. I was sitting on Marine Drive. At that time, a policeman came to me and asked for a bribe. After that I paid Rs 2500 to this policeman through UPI. Vignesh Kishan shared a screenshot of the money transferred to the policeman on Twitter. In this screenshot, the time is 18 minutes past 2:00 a.m. on March 4. Vignesh Kishan’s name is in this screenshot. Also the name of the policeman to whom he gave this money is also visible.

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Active Bombay Police

After this tweet, the Mumbai police got to know about this matter and opened an investigation into it. Meanwhile, after the screenshot shared by Vignesh Kishan, many people reacted and also asked how appropriate it was to impose such a fine while he was sitting in a public place. Not only that, some people also said that they had such an experience. Some also questioned why Vignesh Kishan did not ask the police officer for an acknowledgment after paying the fine.

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Marine Drive is a popular walking spot in South Mumbai

Marine Drive in South Mumbai is visited by countless people every day. Young people pay more in this area. There is no control to walk around this place all day. However, the police prohibited people from going to this place after midnight, from 1 a.m. until the early morning. Some unpleasant incidents happen at night in this place. This ban was imposed to avoid them. Meanwhile, the police are also patrolling.