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a pregnant woman from kalyan met with an accident, a pregnant woman and a 2-year-old child were hit by a young man; Whoever came to help was crushed… – Kalyan, a 19-year-old boy, hits a pregnant woman and a 2-year-old girl.



Welfare: In Agrasen Chowk, near the University of Mumbai in Kalyan West, a young man was riding his bicycle at high speed. Meanwhile, a pregnant woman and her two-year-old daughter, who were on foot, were rammed by the cyclist and seriously injured. A pregnant woman began to suffer after being knocked down by a bicycle. In this case, the woman filed a complaint against Vivek Sudhir Sable (19), who was driving the two-wheeler, at the Khadakpada police station. The police immediately registered a case and opened an investigation.

According to police, the complainant was walking with her two-year-old daughter from Agrasen Chowk in the University of Mumbai area of ​​Kalyan West at around 1.30pm on Tuesday. Defendant Vivek Sable came on a high-speed two-wheeler from the respiratory hospital and within seconds the plaintiff and her daughter were violently struck by the bicycle. In this, the girl’s leg was injured due to the impact of the bicycle. Then, suddenly, due to the shock of the two-wheeler, the plaintiff began to suffer because she was pregnant. As the accident happened due to driver error, the woman filed a complaint against bicycle driver Vivek Sudhir Sable (19) at Khadakpada Police Station. The police immediately registered a case and opened an investigation.

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On the other hand, on the statement of Dashil Ravin Gosar (26 years old, resident of Shivdeva Ashish Park, Bullock Bazar, Kalyan-West), Khadakpada police registered a case against Suresh Pawar (50 years old) and his son Mohit Pawar (19), who are relatives of the pregnant and injured woman. Khadakpada police registered one case. The plaintiff was injured in a collision with the bicycle of Dashil Gosar’s friend, Vivek Sable. He needed money for treatment.

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At the request of cyclist Vivek Sable, who died in an accident, Dashil stopped outside Ayush Hospital to help. There, Suresh, a relative of Swati Pawar, and his son Mohit Pawar argued over the cause of the accident. This father-leka beat him mercilessly with kicks and punches. Dashil Gosar also said in his complaint that he hit his head against the wall and was injured. The police are investigating this case further.