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accident video, goodbye! Eko carrying students collided with a bicycle; hitting a utility pole; Terrifying VIDEO – News from Palghar eco car and bike terrible cycling accident dead and 9 eco car students injured watch terrifying video



Palgar: A terrible accident involving an Eco car and a two-wheeler took place on Satpati Road. The driver of the two-wheeler died in this accident. Meanwhile, nine students in the eco car carrying the students were slightly injured. A similar incident took place a few days ago in Shirur, Karnataka. Here, an ambulance hit the toll booth directly. The impact was so violent that some people were ejected when opening the rear door of the ambulance.

Also in today’s incident, this eco-friendly car first hit a two-wheeler in the same way, then hit a utility pole on the side of the road and overturned. The accident was so severe that the electric pole also collapsed. In this, the Eco car was literally crushed. Watching the video of this incident will leave you worried.

Watch the shocking video of the incident –

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A terrible accident took place when an eco-car carrying students from Chanakya English School in Palghar hit a two-wheeler. The accident happened in front of Sohail Impex Company in Chunabhatti on the Palghar-Satpati road. The accident was so serious that the motorcyclist was ejected from the road with the bike. Similarly, the eco-car transporting the students also overturned on the side of the road.

Accident of a two-wheeled eco-car carrying students on the Palghar – Satpati road

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In this accident, the motorcyclist died instantly. The name of the person who died in the accident is Chetan Meher. Meanwhile, nine students in the rickshaw were also lightly injured. He was admitted to hospital for immediate treatment. After obtaining information about the incident, the police immediately attended the scene and took the body into custody.

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