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Ahmadnagar:The seismic tremors that began in Congress due to the independent candidacy of Satyajit Tambe continue. After the suspension of the Speaker of the Congress of Ahmednagar District, Suresh alias Balasaheb Salunkhe, for showing his support for Tambe, the entire executive was sacked.

Senior official Balasaheb Thorat dominates the party in Ahmednagar district. Many officials, including the president, are his supporters. Therefore, it is believed that Patole directly shocked Thorat by firing this executive. However, it is now believed that supporters of this Thorat were given carte blanche instead.

After Tambe filed his independent candidacy, Congressman Dr. Sudhir Tambe and later Satyajit Tambe were also suspended. However, even after this many party members supported Tambe and action was taken by the state Congress. In the current situation, a discussion has begun about whether Congress should take such action instead of campaigning.

Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee, State Vice Chairman of Caste Division Nitin Shivsharan resigned in support of Tambe. Ahmednagar District Chairman Salunkhe backed Tambe through the newspapers. The party therefore sent him a notice. Salunkhe tendered his resignation without responding to this notice.

On the other hand, on the same date as Salunkhe’s resignation, he received a letter suspending him from the party. So the resignation came first or the suspension action? While this question was being asked, another party of action came from the Pradesh Congress.

According to this letter, the entire party executive of Ahmednagar district has been removed from office. As per the order of State Chairman Nana Patole, the party’s State General Secretary Pramod More issued an order for the dismissal of the district executive. The state of the party in the district deteriorated due to the suspension of the president and the removal of the executive. Thorat has more supporters in the district executive. So now it is believed that the way for this congregation to be active in the Tambe countryside has been cleared.

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The party’s state secretary general in Ahmednagar district, Vinayak Deshmukh, is considered close to state president Patole. It is said in the party that decisions are made in the district at its request. On all these developments, Deshmukh said: “The party has already clearly announced its position in the case of Tambe. Party discipline must be observed by all. The whole situation is the focus of the party. Therefore, action will be taken if anyone is found violating party discipline. Not only that, many shocking activities will be seen in the coming days,” Deshmukh said.

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