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Ahmednagar News, Veteran Labor Leader Suresh Gawli Dies; Had direct contact with Indira Gandhi – senior union leader Suresh Gawli died latest updates



Ahmadnagar: Veteran labor leader Suresh Maruti Gawli (74) died early today. He played a major role in building various left-wing workers’ organizations. He was in direct contact with the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi while working for the Nishan Red Party. Gawli is named among the rulers who at a young age had direct contact with members of the Gandhi family.

Suresh Gawli, from Shingwe Tukai in Nevasa taluka, was drawn to the movement from his student days. While studying at Ahmednagar College, he was elected general secretary of the student union. Then he joined the Red Nishan Party. He started working with the city’s former union leaders, Bhaskarrao Jadhav and Madhukar Katre.

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Gawli has worked for many unions like sugar workers, industrial workers, kotwals, Zilla Parishad workers, forestry workers, glass plate workers. He solved various problems of the workers by constantly following up with the government. He used to elaborate the questions of the workers. He was a specialist in Marxist philosophy. He wrote a lot about it. He has participated in national and international conferences on this subject. Later, his Lal Nishan Party merged into the Communist Party of India. Even after that, his work in the labor movement continued. He was known as a dedicated leader of the movement from an early age.

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He worked from his office at Shramik Bhavan on Tilak Road in the city. He was in contact with the intellectuals of the left movement and directly with the ordinary workers. The then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, was in power in the country. Even then, Gawli was mentioned as a leader who could contact him directly. Through the Lal Nishan Party, he had increased his contacts with Congress and the Gandhi family. He had been ill for several years. He died Monday morning. He is survived by his wife and two children. Upon hearing the news of his death, labor leaders and union leaders as well as citizens came to his residence and paid their last respects.