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Ahmednagar Shivaji Kardile and Dilip Satpute’s sons clash in marriage; During the wedding ceremony, the lives of Kardile-Satpute clashed, shouting storms, throwing stones at each other, tension



Written by Vijay Singh Holm | Edited by Rohit Dhamanskar | Maharashtra | Updated: February 15, 2023, 11:42 a.m.

Ahmednagar Shinde Camp vs BJP: Kardile’s son vandalized the hotel of Shinde Group City District Chairman Dilip Satpute. The police have filed a case against 50 to 60 people in this case.

Clashes between Kardile and Satpute in Ahmednagar
Weep in the eternal life of Kardile and Satpute

Strong points:

  • Rada among Shinde Group and BJP workers
  • Stone throw to hotel for minor reasons
  • A storm is raging in the city
Ahmadnagar: On the one hand, there has been a firestorm in Ahmednagar between the BJP and Balasaheb’s Shiv Sena (Shinde group) who are jointly ruling the state and are also discussing a merger into the Lok Sabha. During a wedding ceremony, the leaders of these two parties clashed. He resorted to coming to Kedgaon and throwing stones at hotels and blocking roads. Due to this political rally, traffic on the city-Pune highway was disrupted for some time during the night. The police intervened and brought the situation under control.

According to preliminary information, the wedding ceremony of a leader of a village of Nagar taluka took place in the presence of political leaders. Akshay Kardile, son of top BJP leader Shivaji Kardile, and Omkar Satpute, son of Balasaheb’s Shiv Sena party leader Dilip Satpute, were also present. There was a dispute between them about the usual way of giving khunnas to Ahmednagar.
BJP-National Rada, verbal clash, crossed each other, said MP Vikhe Patil…
Later that night, supporters of Kardile group came to Kedgaon in Nagar town in vehicles and threw stones at Rangoli hotel in Satpute. He was also retaliated by militants from the Satpute group, which led to rocks being thrown by the group. Supporters of Satpute i.e. Shinde Group staged a sit-in on the city-Pune highway to demand a ban on such action. Stones were bombarded from this too. First the hotel and then other vehicles were damaged. The windows of the vehicles parked in front of the hotel were smashed by the stone throwing. As soon as the police received information about the incident, Additional Police Superintendent Prashant Khaire, Deputy Police Superintendent Anil Katkade, Local Crime Branch Police Inspector Anil Katke, Inspector of Kotwali Sampat Shinde along with senior police officers and local crime branch police officers, Nagar Taluka, MIDC, Bhingar Camp Police Station rushed to the scene.
Controversy over the position of president, Rada in the Shinde-Thackeray group, son of a former corporal shot in the air
The police intervened and calmed the crowd. By then, the supporters of the Kurdish group were gone. Supporters of the Satpute group took to the streets to demand the immediate filing of a file. The police said she had to come to the police station to file a complaint. However, initially the activists were in no mood to listen. Eventually, late at night, everyone walked from there and came to the police station to file a complaint. After that, the weather cleared and traffic was smooth.

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