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ahmednagar shubham wagh president letter, farmer son cry, onion question in president court; Direct letter for grant… – ahmednagar shubham gulabrao wagh letter to president regarding onion issue



Ahmadnagar : Farmers in Maharashtra are constantly facing many crises. Farmers in Maharashtra are worried due to falling prices for onion, soybeans and cotton. Now onion growers are in trouble. A farmer who sold onions for Rs 512 received a check for only Rs 2. On the other hand, the farmer who sold 825 kg of onion had to pay 1 rupee to the trader. Onion farmers from Nashik to Solapur are struggling. Now the Ahmednagar youth have attempted to raise the onion issue directly in the president’s court.

A letter from a farmer’s son

Shubham Gulabrao Wagh
Rajmata Jijau Nagar,
Opposite the new bus stop, Jamkhed, 413201 H- Jamkhed, Distt. Ahmednagar d-01 March 2023

Honorable Madam President, Government of India
Mrs Draupadi Murmu
Rashtrapati Bhavan,

New Delhi

Subject:- Concerning the obtaining of a subsidy for the rotation of the rotor on non-remunerative crops of onion and other crops.


Today the situation of the farmers has become miserable, they have to spin the rotor in vertical cultivation because they do not get any price for the crops they grow. As onion growers are mocked in the market, selling 500-600 kg of onions, they only get two rupees. Onion growers have literally come to Radkundi. The time has come for farmers to spin the rotor even in the cabbage, flower, onion and banana garden, which has been done at great expense.

On the one hand, due to the increase in inflation, huge expenditures are being made in agriculture. But the farmers don’t get the profit, even half the cost. Moreover, as the agricultural products are not exported, the entries increase in the market, so that the hopeful farmers do not get the price of Kavadi for their agricultural products. Should farmers now cultivate or not? This great question arises before them.

This situation occurs regardless of the yield of any crop, so you, the My-Bap Government, must look into the matter.

Even though it is said to spin a simple rotor in the field, it costs Rs 5,000 to 7,000 per hectare, while the crop planted with high hopes fetches a bargain price, the farmer today spins the rotor in this culture. When farm produce is not sold, the farmer must make the decision to spin the rotor. Even if agricultural products get a good price, this time will not come to farmers. But do they have another option?

Today, farmers get strips of onions worth Rs 2, but the common man gets the same onion at the price of Rs 20 per kg in the market. So the farmer’s dilemma and whose money is going? Should the farmer king only work hard? The farmer is called the Poshida of the world, but today the time of famine has come for this Poshida. Weed the grass of the mouth of the lakes and bring vigor to the crops. But now he is the one getting the Kavadi rate. Therefore, it is a serious demand that at least a grant of Rs 2,000 per acre should be given to the farmers of the world to spin the rotor in the worthless crop.

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Shubham Gulabrao Wagh