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ahmednagar twelfth student dead, night idli sambar kills, twelfth student dies of poisoning – maharashtra



Ahmadnagar : For the 12th exam, students and parents seem to take great care of food and drink in addition to studying. But an unfortunate incident occurred in the village of Loni, in the district of Ahmednagar. The 12th paper student ate leftover idli-sambar with her grandfather. After that, both were poisoned. But the student died on Monday afternoon while undergoing treatment.

The name of the deceased student is Tejaswini Manoj Dighe. However, Tejaswini’s dream of becoming a doctor remained unfulfilled. Due to this incident, there is a sense of anger in the region. Fortunately, his grandfather survived.

The information on this is that Tejaswani Dighe from Loni was studying at a junior college in Bableswar. His 12th exam was in progress. His number was received at Pravaranagar center. She had given papers from the science department. The chemistry test was last Wednesday. That morning, she and her grandfather Bhimraj Dighe ate idli-sambar for the night.

His grandfather Bhimraj Dighe retired as manager of Ryat Shikshan Sansthan. Eating stale food at night cost them dearly. In no time, the two began to suffer. He was therefore admitted to Pravara Medical Trust Hospital in Loni. However, he complains of stomach aches. However, there was no definite diagnosis. He was therefore first transferred to Sangamner and then to KEM Hospital in Pune.

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Since then, he started treatment in Pune itself. On one side there was a battle with death while on the other the remaining papers of the 12th drowned. Eventually, Tejaswini lost the battle to survive. She died Monday in hospital. But his grandfather survived.

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Tejaswini was studying the 12th of the science stream. She dreams of becoming a doctor. She had also studied for it. This misfortune happened to him after giving the first papers. She died there. His dreams and those of his family were shattered.

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