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ajit pawar mocking raj thackeray oh my god such a big party supported? Our dhabech panicked, Ajit Dad’s MNS attack



Pune: The Kasba Peth by-elections in Pune started the battle. The BJP and Mahavikas Aghadi are already claiming victory in Kasba. For this, both parties have now taken the support of other constituent parties. In this context, MNS has now announced its support for the BJP. But opposition leader Ajit Pawar has dealt the MNS a hard blow by speaking out on this issue.

Ajit Pawar had come to Pune on the occasion of the inauguration of Shri Vriddheshwar, the Siddheshwar temple. After the show he interacted with the journalists, this time Ajit Pawar was asked if the MNS supported the BJP in the Kasba by-election. Ajit Pawar had a sarcastic reaction when responding to him.

Ajit Pawar scolded MNS saying, “Oh Bapare, we are scared of the support of such a big party! We have to be careful now…” So now it will be interesting to see what MNS Chairman Raj Thackeray, will respond to this criticism.

Meanwhile, the MNS had a large number of interested candidates to contest the Kasbah by-elections. But despite this, MNS played a new game by supporting BJP. Now, after MNS backed BJP, there is a picture of a strong match between NCP and MNS in Pune. The candidates in Kasbayat are the BJP and the Congress, but there is a fight between the MNS and the NCP.

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In a meeting held by the city executive of MNS Pune with Raj Thackeray in Mumbai, it was decided to support the BJP but not to participate in the campaign. After that, NCP city chairman Prashant Jagtap took MNS on a good footing. In Kothrud, NCP and Congress candidates now support the BJP in the city. Prashant Jagtap said the parrots started dancing to ED’s tune. MNS’ Sainath Babar gave a strong response to Prashant Jagtap by tweeting that “married people dance Prashant Jagtap”.
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