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ajit pawar won kasba and ajit pawar broke the secret, 40-45 bjp deputies… – ncp leader ajit pawar says many bjp deputies could join congress and ncp



Pune: With the help of Mahavikas Aghadi, the Congress has shown that it is not at all difficult to subdue the BJP by seizing the bastion of Kasbaya, controlled by the BJP for 28 years. In districts where the BJP has 3-3 corporators, Congress was also voted. Even in the peths where the right-wing BJP votes took place, they got a shock. All in all, Mavia came together strongly and carved out the BJP stronghold with great difficulty. As the city election gave Maviya a lot of confidence, Maviya started to take concrete steps for the upcoming municipal and legislative elections. Ajit Pawar, the leader of the opposition in the state, gave the same indication.

“In recent years, 40-45 leaders who joined the BJP belong to former Congress nationalists. In the coming years, some MPs may join the original party by informing their party leadership. Of course, mistakes are made by humans. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s charisma, some of his right-wing voices and some of the party voices depend on him. It became easy for the concerned leaders to get elected at that time. After all, an MP wants to develop the constituency. He wants to show works to the people. It is a fact that people no longer have the mindset that they can oppose an ideology and not leave the party as in the past. So in the past, Ajit Pawar hinted that many BJP MPs may see their return home in the near future while saying that mistakes made can be rectified by those concerned .

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Ajit Pawar said: “Some of our leaders left us in 2014, some changed parties in 2019. In 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party created an image that the charisma of Narendra Modi was created on the whole of India and created the illusion that there would be huge changes when he came to power. People voted for him from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and got him a clear majority. After Rajiv Gandhi, no one in the country never got such a majority. So people who want to do politics but only want to get their constituency, want to develop their constituency, joined the BJP at that time.”

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“But now, in the development of the situation, the people who went there can go back to the original party. They can tell their senior leaders. We made a mistake. After all, mistakes are made by human beings.To develop taluk district that’s why people decide to quit the party.Stick to party ideology as before people now Ajit Pawar hinted major political upheaval in the period to come. At this time, Dada does not forget to say that “in politics the enemy of yesterday is the friend of today and the friend of today is the enemy of tomorrow “.