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Andheri Murder: The cook killed the waiter with the same knife that cut the vegetables! Murder in Five Star Hotel in Andheri Murder in Andheri MIDC Five Star Hotel as cook killed waiter after arrested clash



Mumbai Murder: Originally from Himachal, Jagdish worked as a waiter. Madhav, a Bihar resident, had been working as a cook in a hotel for a year.

Sensational murder…

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Mumbai: In Andheri, Bombay (Mumbai News Andheri) The murder incident caused a stir. Surprisingly, a cook working in a prestigious hotel took the life of a waiter. A dispute over an order resulted in an argument between the cook and the server. This time he stabbed the waiter with the same knife the cook used to cut vegetables. Cook killed the waiter by stabbing him in the chest and stomach (Andheri murder case) took. The entire hotel staff was also disturbed by this incident. This shocking incident in Andheri’s MIDC (Andheri MIDC Police) happened in a five-star hotel in the area. The murder was revealed Friday morning. Andheri MIDC Police arrested the accused Cook in this murder case. Further investigation is underway. It was discovered that the hotel cook did it out of anger. Defendant Cook will now appear in court and MIDC police are also thoroughly questioning the killer Cook. What exactly happened? What exactly was the argument that led the waiter to take the cook’s life? The police try to understand.

Himachalla waiter, Bihari cook..

Jagdish, originally from Himachal, worked as a waiter in a five-star hotel in Andheri MIDC region. Madhav, a Bihar resident, had been working as a cook in a hotel for a year.

Around Thursday evening, Jagdish and Madhav got into an argument over their food order. This debate has been very heated. But the hotel manager understood them both and somehow settled the dispute. Then on Friday morning, Madhav and Jagdish appeared at work as usual. At this time, Jagdish went to the kitchen. Then Madhav was cutting vegetables. This time, the argument broke out again between the two. Meanwhile, Madhav gets angry and stabs Jagadish with the same knife he used to cut vegetables.

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Jagdish was hit hard in the back and chest. There was also heavy bleeding. The cook killed Jagdish in the kitchen and there was a commotion in the hotel. Meanwhile, as soon as the incident was confirmed, hotel staff took Jagdish to the hospital. But the doctor who was there pronounced him dead. Finally, MIDC police have arrested cook Madhav Mandal in connection with the murder and further investigation is ongoing.


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